Staying in Serviced Apartments

For most people, staying in hotels is the first thing that comes to their minds when they spend longer holidays. There is another better option that not only works out cheaper, but also has better amenities. Today, many people are also looking for serviced apartments. This is one of the reasons why real estate agents are now investing in these properties.

What is a serviced apartment?

Just like a hotel, serviced apartments offers the privacy and comforts of a home. They also have a housekeeping staff to accommodate all your needs. This is the best option not only for people who want to spend holidays with their loved ones, but also for those who usually travel for business trips. This gives them an extended-stay accommodation, which resembles a comfortable apartment-style living. Here are some reasons why it is a better option than hotels:

  • More space

One advantage of serviced apartments is the space. You are given more privacy than getting a hotel room. Hotels are usually crowded. So if you are looking for that cosy or “homey” vibe, you should definitely go for serviced apartments.

  • Convenience for family or group travel

Most apartments have several bedrooms and bathrooms branching off from one central living area. This is ideal for couples travelling with children or another couple. This also gives you more privacy and space and can till hang out together in the shared lounge area.

  • Own kitchen

Another good feature is you can have your own kitchen. There’s no need to dip into fancy restaurants or minibars. You can bring your own food or prepare your own meals. You can store late night snacks and drinks and enjoy your favourite breakfast in the morning. There’s no need to rush or find the most convenient restaurant or fast food. This can give you a valuable time with your family or focus on your work.

  • More affordable

The price is not a problem as well as compared to renting a hotel room. They are more affordable and the best thing is you can still get a quality unit and excellent services. You can always negotiate with the owners without any hassle.

  • Time flexibility

If you need to extend your stay, you can simply talk to the agents or the owners to customise your contract. You may also choose the long term options if you need to stay a bit longer. Some people stay for about 3-5 months. This is a good option for people who usually have business trips.These are just some of the reasons why many people choose serviced apartments than getting a hotel room. Investing in this type of property is a good idea. You may also search online for more packages. There are different online sites offering various promos.